Updates for Villager Trading Halls
7 days ago

Villager trading halls are a great resource for those looking for hard-to-find books of enchanting. However, the villager AI tends to cause a copious amount of lag, even when they're huddled together in the trading halls with nowhere to go. Unfortunately, Minecraft isn't smart enough to detect this and the villagers keep looking for places to go!

To help with server lag, we've come up with a solution.


When a villager trading hall is created, using emerald ore, emerald blocks, or any color of wool below the villager will now result in the villager's AI being turned off - this helps prevent server lag without affecting how trading works!


If you already have a villager trading hall an...

Creative Plots are Here!
12 days ago

Creative Plots are Here!

On both Siege and Casual, creative plots have been added. You can use these to plan out builds, take a break from surviving, or just hang out with friends in a peaceful environment. Use /warp Plots to visit the Plots world, and use /p auto to receive your very own plot! Plus, some special perks for donators:


  • 1 additional plot (2 plots total)
  • Ability to download your plot as a schematic
  • Ability to...
Daily Login Rewards Update
15 days ago

By popular demand, login reward boosts are now given to you as potions!

Simply drink the potion to get the reward.

However, if you have multiple rewards active at the same time, the rewards won't get multiplied, so you don't get more points/xp/money if you activate them all at the same time!

Siege and Casual updates!
25 days ago

Here's the list of changes to both Siege and Casual consisting of both updates, new features and some minor bugfixes! These changes will be implemented on the next server restart.


  • Fixed error when the Towny overclaimed upkeep line would format incorrectly
  • Time confirmations will now display the correct timeout time
  • Fixed an error when attempting to deposit money into a towns bank
  • One-way nation alliances will no longer work, nations will no longer be able to ally another nation unless the other nation accepts their invite to ally
  • Town allies and enemies are now viewable with `/t allylist {townname}` and `/t enemylist {townname}`
  • Fixed a bug with players be...
New Fall Resource Pack by Futureazoo
25 days ago

Hello gamers!


A new server resource pack has been deployed which includes some fall-themed changes. Huge thanks to Futureazoo who has allowed us to integrate their Fall Resource Pack into our server pack. These textures will last until December 1.


Happy holidays!

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