Siege Deep Dark Update!

Hey Siegers!

We've heard your voices loud and clear, and we are finally bringing The Deep Dark update on Siege!

The Summoner has traveled to Siege and unleashed The Wardens upon our beloved earth. Discover 5...

The November Update — It's Back!

Hey, SMPEarth!

First, we wanted to apologise for not being able to deliver the updates as promised. Many things happened in the back end, which caused a couple of issues with the server. But you guys have remained...
  • upiki
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The Spooky Update

Welcome to the Carnival!

The carnival has arrived on each of the spawns spreading spookiness between worlds, check out the new rides and attractions!
Additional rides will open later this month!

- The...
  • relavis
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Siege: Resources Update

The Siege Resources Update

The Resources Update has arrived on Siege!
The two main changes include a reworking of Shops, and an exclusive feature only for Siege: towns now can automatically produce their own...

The Deep Dark Update

The Deep Dark Update

The Deep Dark has arrived on Casual!
Work alone or with a friend to uncover the secrets that lie below the surface, 60 Ancient Cities have been split between 6 different continents.
Once 1...

Social Media Applications Closed

Hi yall,

Thank you to everyone who applied to be in the Social Media Team, applications have been closed and we have sent out responses on each of the applications so please check them on the website!

That is all...

Helper Applications Closed

Hey, gamers
Thank you to everyone who applied for Helper, applications have been closed and we have sent out responses on each of the applications so please check them on the website!
Have a lovely day!

Website Moderator Applications

Website Moderator Applications are now OPEN. You can apply using this link: Website Moderator Applications

Please note you must be 13 or over to apply.

Applications will remain open indefinitely until we decide we...

Social Media Applications

Hi yall,

Do you enjoy creating content and working with a team? Apply for the Social Media Team! We primarily will be working on creating content for TikTok and YouTube, but all experience is accepted! You can apply...

Helper Applications

Hey Gamers,

Helpers Applications have now opened! Those interested in this position can apply through our forums here:

Applications will close 1 week from now on...

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Where's Dave?
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Where's Dave?

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