Updated Auction House
about 1 month ago

New AH

The Auction House got an update today! It's available again, with all the items that were on it.

You can sell items with `/ah sell ` and look at the auction house with `/ah`.

Items sold expire after 7 days, after which you can find them in the expired items section, accessible via the clock in the bottom left.

Features that might be added in later updates: Categories, Bidding, Profit summary when joining

The Economy Update
2 months ago

The Economy Update is out on Casual Towny now! This also means that /sell and /worth are back.

Important information:

  • Using /sell gives 10 % less money.
  • You can look at some economy stats with /ecoinfo.
  • Prices update every 5 mins.
  • Items will go back to their original price after some time.
  • Items that can only be bought can't change price.
  • All bugs with the previous economy should be fixed, if you find one and open a ticket you might get an ingame reward.


The 1.18 Update
4 months ago

The 1.18 Update has arrived!

Digging below your base, you may find new caves, caverns, and corridors... and above ground, you can build higher than ever before - up to y=319.


Watch the Release Trailer here:

Network-Wide Maintenance - February 2
4 months ago

Maintenance has been scheduled for February 3, 2022 at 12 AM PST. Click here to see the maintenance time in your respective time zone. The network will be unavailable for approximately 48 hours. The website will not be affected.

SMPEarth - New Year, New Us
5 months ago

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022!


2021 was an important year for SMPEarth. We started out with an unexpected server reset but eventually rebuilt what we had lost and began to advance past where we were before the reset. This year, we're eager to continue expanding. In doing so, we're going to be restructuring the staff team to better fit the current needs of the network.

For reference, here is the previous structure (click to enlarge):

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