Build Team and Developer Applications now open!
11 days ago

Hiya everyone, its Aqua!

As of today, Build Team and Developer Applications are now open permanently on the SMPEarth Website, to make an application you need to have a confirmed account on the website which you can do by adding a authenticator to your account and logging onto the server on your connected account after you've made a website account.

Applications can be found at;

Build Team - 

Developer -

If you have any issues ...

Introducing the Creator program!
21 days ago

Introducing the Creator Program


We are introducing a brand new rank onto the server! This rank is called 'Creator'. This rank will be for people who create content on SMPEarth.

The perks of this rank includes: 
- A private discord servers to chat to other creators, or to get support from leadership (or request something for a video!)
- A special /link command which will broadcast when you upload an SMPEarth video across all servers, and through a special discord channel!
- The ability to grow your channel through the SMPEarth community.

The requirements for applying for the rank are:
- Minecraft based channel
- 1000+ Subscribers
- At leas...

Welcome to the official SMPEarth website!
about 1 month ago

It's finally here - our official website!


This website will serve as the hub of all things SMPEarth, whether it be communication, server rules, or administration. Take a look around, there's a lot to see!


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, check out our shiny new Suggestions page here and submit a suggestion!

Which server type do you prefer?

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Do you like the new website?

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