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The Siege Resources Update

The Resources Update has arrived on Siege!
The two main changes include a reworking of Shops, and an exclusive feature only for Siege: towns now can automatically produce their own resources, which can be captured by other nations.

Towns, depending on how populous and large they are can collect up to four different types of resources. You can find out what resources you generate by doing `/tr survey`, and after each new day every mayor and king may collect these resources by doing `/tr towncollect` and `/tr nationcollect` respectively. Half of a towns production naturally goes toward their nation, so it is encouraged to associate with nations who will be active and responsible with the resources you give them. You may read further on this on the github page: TownyResources

Some changes in the shops:
- Old Bill the enchanter has finally retired to live out the rest of his days sitting on the mountain, watching the sunrise. This unfortunately means that his shop is no longer open, but some of his wares have gone to The Hoarder, who has just arrived on the island. He's collected the wares of some of the shopkeepers and has set up shop in the abandoned building near the warps! He now sells things such as the item display block and lava buckets. He may look familiar to some... who knows which items he will hoard in the future!
- The Mineshaft entrance has collapsed due to seismic activity. This has left The Miner trapped! Don't worry though, he is safe and sound with plenty of resources!
- The Sieger has quit his job on the island and has decided to travel the multiverse searching for a new home. You might find him somewhere new if you look hard enough!
- The Hoarder has arrived on the island, he's collected the wares of all three shopkeepers and has set up shop in the old abandoned building near the warps, he now sells things such as the item display block and lava buckets, he may look familiar to some... who knows which items he will hoard in the future :)!

Other changes to siege in this update include:
- Raised Neutrality Cost for towns to $500 per day
- Battle Sessions have been raised from 10 minutes to 30 minutes
- Enabled Bonus Townblock Buying
- Fixed Dynmap Spelling Error "Occupier:"
- Dynmap now allows you to track what resources towns produce
- Siege Zones will no longer affect you inside of unrelated towns
- Issues relating to Combat Tag have been fixed

Credits to the people who worked on this update:
- Tomothan (crawled through a bajillion configs and fixed weird stuff, added TownyResources, updated Siege spawn)
- Gamer153 (wrote a new plugin to assist the update, fixed Combat Tag issues)
- relavis (added new NPC, fixed Siege Zones, a lot of bug fixes)
- MarshyMoo (created new lore for the update, provided texture for new NPC)
- ShadowFyre (spent god only knows how long working on JRR, configed TownyResources)
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alright so ye this is cool and everything but are you able to change your resources or look and replace old ones because i got the worst :/

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