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All terms listed below are terms used throughout this document. As such, reading and understanding these terms is essential to understanding the server rules. Please note that all rules listed below apply exclusively to the SMPEarth network of servers, and do not carry over onto the SMPEarth Discord network or the SMPEarth website, which have their own set of rules.

A refunded charge to a credit or debit card. Most popular banks will offer them in the case of having your card stolen, but they can occasionally be abused.

Claimblocking: A situation in which one town places claims near the claims of another town with malicious intent; to prevent the town from expanding in any direction without prior approval from the mayor of the blocked town.

DMs: Direct messages. These are private messages between you and another person that only you and that other person can see, typically on Discord.

Gatekeeping: The devaluement of other’s opinions on something by claiming they’re not entitled to the opinion because they’re not qualified, the rightful decision- maker, a part of a particular group, etc.

Griefing: A form of aggression in which a player destroys a structure (man-made or natural) beyond easy repair.

Harassment: Any repeated or continuing uninvited contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or emotional distress.

NSFW: Not Safe for Work. This term refers to any content that you would not look at while you were at your job, or at school, or that you would not show to your grandmother, or whatever metric you use to determine that were you to look at it in the presence of some person, that other person would not like it.

Offensive Content: Any content that causes someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry.

PG-13: Parental Guidance (under 13). This term refers to any content which may not fall into the strict category of NSFW content, but is still unpleasant or upsetting. This primarily includes swears, but may also include offensive content.
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SMPEarth was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth, exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers. Now, SMPEarth is publicly accessible on Java Edition where anyone can join. Boasting a community of 7000+ members and 2 main servers to choose from and experience (Casual Towny and Siege Towny), SMPEarth's primary goal is to become the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft.


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