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Illegal Client Modification List
Note: This list may change, and if we feel you are using a modification that gives you an unfair advantage in-game, you may still be punished.
Illegal Client Modifications are the usage of hacks/modifications/cheats that give you an unfair advantage against a player/s.

This is a list of some of the common hacks we see on SMPEarth that are not permitted. This is not a complete list, they are included but not limited to:

Auto <action>
  • Any in-game action that your client/mod does for you.
  • Examples include: baritone, click, tool, armour, fish, etc.
  • This includes the auto block placer/printer on Litematica/Schematica.
Anti <action>
  • Any action that is stopped or reduced.
  • Examples include: knockback, fire, potion, etc.
Fast <action>
  • Any action that is sped up.
  • Examples include: build, fall, eat, etc.
Movement Hacks
  • Anything that allows you to perform a movement that is not doable to vanilla minecraft.
  • Examples include: b-hop, flight, speed, jesus, jetpack, glide, backsteps, step, spider, safewalk, phase, v-clip, etc.
  • Are allowed, except for:
    • Cave Mode
    • Entities (Players and Mobs)
Attack/PvP Hacks
  • Cheats that allow you to have an advantage over your opponent.
  • Examples include: criticals, reach, aimbot, kill aura, triggerbot, etc.
View Hacks
  • Allows you to view things you wouldn’t normally be able to.
  • Examples include: x-ray, remoteview, freecam, betterf5, health tags (Siege only), chest finder.
Inventory Hacks
  • Actions within your inventory that allow you to automatically move items, or walk with it open. This also includes chests.
World Downloaders (This includes the Replay Mod)
  • An automated input sequence that imitates keystrokes or mouse actions.
Usage of any of these clients on the server whether you hack on them or not, will result in a punishment:
  • Wurst
  • Aristois
  • Meteor
  • Boze
  • Ares
  • astolfo
  • moon
  • entropy
  • drip
  • Vape
  • BleachHack
  • LiquidBounce NextGen
  • etc.
If you are unsure whether you are using a modification or client that may be against this rule, contact Modmail in the SMPEarth Official Discord Server.
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