Finishing the Anniversary Update

As a finishing touch for the Anniversary Update, some other things have changed:
  • Shops have some new items, like the Mangrove logs and other items now offered by the Carpenter or the new Froglights offered by the Builder.
  • Prices change five times as fast now. (This might be subject to change; feel free to make suggestions)
  • Siege shops have been renamed to match casuals shop names.
Also, the new login rewards are out! You get 3 rewards claimed automatically when joining to compensate for the unavailable days.

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SMPEarth was originally a private, whitelisted Minecraft server, featuring a custom-generated 1:3000 scale map of the Earth, exclusive to a group of selected popular Minecraft creators and streamers. Now, SMPEarth is publicly accessible on Java Edition where anyone can join. Boasting a community of 7000+ members and 2 main servers to choose from and experience (Casual Towny and Siege Towny), SMPEarth's primary goal is to become the most advanced Earth server in Minecraft.

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