Unfortunately, this page is currently incomplete, and does not contain a full list of all the permitted client mods. Sorry :(

However, while we work on that, here are a number of the most commonly asked about mods and whether they are allowed or disallowed:
- Optifine, Lunar and Badlion Client are allowed
- Minimaps (like Xaero's Minimap) are allowed as long as they have entities turned off
- Schematica/Litematica are allowed as long as you don't use easy place mode
- UI Mods (things that add armour durability, fps, inventory management, and other useful information/tools) are allowed

- Baritone (or any mod/bot that plays the game for you) is not allowed
- Macros/Autoclickers are not allowed (the f3+t trick is allowed, however)
- X-Ray (or any other mod/hack that lets you see blocks through walls) is not allowed
- Fly (or any other mod/hack that changes the rate or way in which you move) is not allowed