🌐 General commands
/townyShows the following commands
/towny ?Shows more commands (/resident ?, /town ?, /nation ?, /plot ?, /tc, /nc)
/towny mapShows a map of the nearby townblocks/chunks in chat
/towny pricesShows the prices/costs related with running a town/nation
/towny topShows leaderboard
  • /towny top resident (all/town/nation)
  • /towny top land (all/towny/nation)
/towny timeShows time until a new day (for automatic daily tax/upkeep collection)
/towny universeShows full statistics of the Towny server
/towny vDisplays the version of Towny used on the server

👥 Full command prefix is /resident, but /res is simpler
/resShows your status
/res ?Shows resident commands list
/res [player]Shows target player's status
/res listLists all currently online players
/res spawnTeleports you to your bed spawn
/res toggle [pvp/fire/mobs/explosion]Interchangable with /plot toggle
/res toggle mapInterchangeable with /res set mode map, shows the map in chat which refreshes when moving across chunks
/res toggle plotborderToggles in-game chunk border with smoky particles, border appears when moving across chunks (would only work on ground level)
/res toggle constantplotborderSame as above, but constantly appears as you stand in the chunk (would only work on ground level)
/res set mode mapShow the map between each townblock
/res set mode [townclaim/townunclaim]Attempts to claim/unclaim as your walk (only applies if you’re a town mayor/assistant)
/res set mode clear 
/res friend [add/remove] [player]Useful for setting up friend perms in plots
/res friend clearlistRemoves all friends
/res taxShows taxes you need to pay (automatically deducted from /bal, check /towny time for countdown till new day for tax collection)

🏠 Alternatively, use /t for town commands prefix
A town consists of one or more players. A player must have a town to claim land.
/tDisplays your town's status, including town banks, daily upkeep, residents, etc.
/t [town]Displays selected town's status
/t new [name]Creates a new town. Use '_' and not spaces.
/t hereShows the town's status of your current location
/t listLists all towns currently on the server
/t onlineLists all online residents in town
/t joinJoins a open town without invite
/t leaveLeaves the town
/t reslistLists all residents
/t ranklistLists all ranked residents
/t outlawlistLists all outlaws
/t plotsDisplays a town’s plot statistics (can be followed with another town’s name)
/t spawnTeleports to town's spawn
/t spawn [town]Teleports to other town’s spawn (if set to public)
/t outpost [#]Teleports to town’s outpost
/t deposit [$]Deposits money to town bank

👑 Town commands (Mayors only)
/t claimCheck /towny prices or /T (Claiming is non-refundable and limited, check /t)
/t claim outpostCheck /towny prices (Outpost claiming is limited, check /t)
/t unclaim 
/t unclaim all 
/t [add/kick] [player] 
/t rank [add/remove] [player] [rank]Toggle these ranks to residents: assistant/helper/sheriff
/t outlaw [add/remove] [player]Toggle’s a player’s status as the town’s outlaw
/t withdraw [$]Withdraw money from town bank
/t say [msg]Broadcasts a message to town
/t deleteDeletes the town

👑Town settings - /t set ... & /t toggle ... (Mayors only)
/t set name [name]Toggles your town’s name
/t set homeblockSets a town’s homeblock and spawn
/t set spawnSets town spawn, must be inside town’s homeblock
/t set board [msg]Sets a message that town residents can see when logging in
/t set [title/surname] [player] [text]Sets custom title/surname for residents
/t set outpost 
/t set jail 
/t set taxes [$]Sets a town tax
/t set spawncost [$]Sets a price to your town spawn
/t set mayor [player]Allows the current mayor to elect a new one
/t toggle [pvp/explosion/fire/mobs] 
/t toggle publicPublic town spawn enables people to visit
/t toggle openOpen town enables people to join without invitation
/t toggle jail [#] [resident]Sends your resident to jail (need to set up jail plot first)

📝 Plot = townblock = chunk
(16x16x256 area, turn on chunk border via F3+G or /res toggle plotborder or constantplotborder)
/plot ?Shows plot commands list
/plotShows the plot properties of your current location
/plot claim/unclaimUse on plots on sale
  • /plot [forsale] [$]
  • /plot [ffs] [$]
(Mayor) Puts a plot up for sale
  • /plot [notforsale]
  • /plot [nfs]
(Mayor) Takes down a plot for sale
/plot permDisplays the plot perms on your location
/plot perm [hud]Displays the plot perms in a sidebar
/plot evict(Mayor) Removes resident ownership of a plot

📝 Plot designations
/plot set [plottype](Mayor) Set plot as either of these: arena, bank, embassy, farm, inn, jail, shop, wilds
/plot set reset(Mayor) Removes a plot type
/plot set [name]Names a plot
/plot toggle [pvp/fire/explosion/mobs]Interchangable with /res toggle

📝 Plot group
/plot group ?(Mayor) Shows more settings for plot groups
/plot group [add/new/create] [name] 
/plot group remove 
/plot group rename [name] 
/plot group toggle [pvp/fire/explosion/mobs] 
/plot group fs [$] 
/plot group nfs 

📝 Plot Permissions
Townblocks = chunks claimed by mayor for the town and sold to residents
Plots = townblocks owned by residents
  • /res set perm [friend/town/ally/outsider] [on/off]
  • /plot set perm [friend/town/ally/outsider] [on/off]
Set general perms in plots
  • /res set perm [friend/town/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off]
  • /res set perm [friend/town/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off]
Set specific perms in plots
/t set perm [resident/nation/ally/outsider] [on/off]Set general perms in townblocks
/t set perm [resident/nation/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off]Set specific perms in townblocks

🛡️ Alternatively, use /n for town commands prefix
A nation consists of one or more towns. A player must have a town first to make their own nation.
/nShows your nation's status, including nation bank, daily upkeep, town list, etc.
/n [name]Shows another nation's status
/n listLists all nations currently on the server
/n townlist [nation]Lists all the nation's towns
/n allylist [nation]Lists all the nation's allies
/n enemylist [nation]Lists all the nation's enemies
/n onlineLists all online members in your nation
/n spawnTeleports to your nation's spawn

👑 Exclusively to town mayors
/n new [name]Creates a new nation
/n join [nation]Joins an open nation without invite
/n deposit [$]Deposits your money to the nation bank
/n leaveLeaves a nation

👑 Exclusively to nation leaders
/n withdraw [$]Withdraws money from the nation bank
/n deposit [town] [$]Deposits money into any town within nation
/n rank [add/remove] [player] [assistant/helper] 
/n [add/kick] [town]Adds/removes a town into your nation
/n say [message]Sends a message to all residents in your nation
/n ally [add/remove] [nation]Toggles another nation's status as ally
/n enemy [add/remove] [nation]Toggles another nation's status as your enemy
  • In Casual Towny, a state of war is declared when nations declare each other as enemy
/n toggle neutralDeclare your nation's status as neutral
/n deleteDisbands a nation

👑 Nation settings - /n set ... & /n toggle ... (Nation leaders only)
/n set name [name]Toggles your nation’s name
/n set tag [name/clear]Sets a town tag to be seen in general chat (up to 4 letters)
/n set spawnSets a nation spawn
/n set board [msg]Sets a message that nation residents can see when logging in
/n set [title/surname] [player] [text]Sets custom title/surname for residents
/n set taxes [$]Sets a nation tax
/n set spawncost [$]Sets a price to your nation spawn
/n set king [player]Allows the current nation leader to elect a new one
/n set capital [town]Sets a town in the nation as the new capital
/n toggle publicPublic nation spawn enables people to visit
/n toggle openOpen nation enables other towns to join without invitation
/n toggle [peaceful/neutral]Toggle nation's neutrality/peaceful state
/n set mapcolor [type]Sets nation's colour of claims on the dynmap
  • Options: darksalmon, magenta, pink, darkviolet, navy, darkgreen, yellow, cyan, gold, red, aqua, fuchsia, lightgrey, darkcyan, lightblue, white, olive, khaki, darkolivegreen, darkorange, darkmagenta, darkgrey, darkblue, lightcyan, azure, green, darkorchid, lightyellow, lightpink, lime, black, violet, brown, lightgreen, beige, orange, darkkhaki, blue, darkred, purple, silver, indigo, maroon