📌 Navigation
/mapShows link to server dynmap
/rulesShows link to server rules
/storeShows link to server store
/discordShows link to community discord
/server [server]Warps to other servers (hub, casual, siege, factions, event)
Shows a list of warps
/warp [location]Teleports you to the chosen destination
  • Continents: africa, antarctica, asia, australia, europe, north_america, south_america
  • Custom warps: crucible (nether mob farm), volcano, shops, parkour
/spawnTeleports back to spawn island
/sethome [name]Set up to 3 personal homes
/home [name]Teleports you to the selected home
/homesLists your homes
/delhome [name]Deletes a home
/tpa [player]Requests to teleport to another player
/tpahere [player]Request a player to teleport to you 
Accepts the teleport request
Denies the teleport request

📚 Custom recipes
/recipesShows the custom recipe menu

🛍️ Trading
/warp shopsWarps to shop area in spawn
/shop [NPC]Fast access to NPC shoppers (only to be used in spawn)
  • NPCs: brewer, builder, butcher, carpenter, enchanter, engineer, farmer, florist, miner, moleman, fisherman, warrior
/sell hand
/sell [item name]
Sells certain items to the server for money
/worthCheck the prices of items worth selling to the server
/ahOpens the auction house
/ah sell [$]Sells items to the auction house
/pay [player] [$]Pays specific amount of money to another player
/gift [player]Gifts items to another player

📫 Player interactions
/msg [player] [message]
/w [player] [message]
Sends a DM to another player
/r [message]Fast reply to DM (to the latest person who DMed you)
/ignore [player]Blocks/unblocks messages by another player (only works in general chat)
/gGeneral chat
/tcTown chat
/ncNation chat
/alAlly chat
/lcLocal chat (anyone within 100 blocks radius from you)
/mail readChecks your mail inbox
/mail clearClears your mail inbox
/mail send [player] [message]Sends a mail to a specific player