Make moon update better with mods and enhancements, and allow moon claiming

737PlayzYT 737PlayzYT: 4 months ago

Everyone knows that the moon update is coming up but why not make it different and better than vanilla end with mods for example BetterEnd its a mod and there are many other end improvement mods but i personally prefer betterend also allow claiming in the end/moon and allow people to buy end portal frames to have instant access to the end from their bases


737PlayzYT 737PlayzYT: 4 months ago

also if possible use the least laggy and fastest mod loader and use optimization mods and mods that make the server have higher tps and run faster
737PlayzYT 737PlayzYT: 4 months ago

also if end cities are used(please use them because i need an elytra) this datapack enhances end cities once again just my prefered mod not a promotion or anything like that
737PlayzYT 737PlayzYT: 4 months ago

and it enchants all elytras with unbreaking III and Mending I which is why i prefer it
737PlayzYT 737PlayzYT: 4 months ago

i mean Mending III and unbreaking I
Gamer153 Gamer153: 2 months ago

This is not possible, as we can't switch to a server supporting mods; also, we don't want people to have mods installed to join.

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