Use the SMPEarth youtube account to publicize the server

ObtainedArrow ObtainedArrow: 4 months ago

I am pretty sure there is a youtube acount for the server but it is not posting anything and I think that if it did we could attract more people to the server if u need topics here are a few.

1. You could make another server add

2. You could show event footage

3. My personal favorite you could host a special SMPEarth server for like a month where you and/or the people on it record the history of the server it could be extremely popular and fun for those who get to play also if u did it more than once it could get more people in the server.

Thanks for listening and pls do something to get more players onto the server, I mostly play siege and it has a ton of potential and everyone who does find siege seems to enjoy it except for the lack of players.


relavis relavis: 3 months ago

The Social Media team is working on this!

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