Elytras Need To Become Repairable

Outta_Time Outta_Time: 5 months ago

Elytras are hard to come by, and even harder to be made useful through its very limited durability, to the point where I'd be more disappointed getting it from a legendary crate than a random potion. And what makes this increasingly worse is that once you have used the elytra presumably twice, there is the realisation that its not a viable mode of transport, instead taking the role of more a trophy piece. I recommend still prohibiting elytra enchantments, but instead provide the ability to repair one, whether that's through some kind of NPC in spawn in exchange for currency, or a shop- keeper that sells phantom membranes.


EmperorTomo EmperorTomo: 5 months ago

you can already repair them with job points
ToxicRockz ToxicRockz: 5 months ago

you can?
20x_ 20x_: 4 months ago

you hold elytra in hand, do /jobs shop, go to 2nd page, and press on the barrier block, it will cost 10k job points

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