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why does the factions have maintenances?


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3 months ago
The 1.18 Update

The 1.18 Update has arrived!

Digging below your base, you may find new caves, caverns, and corridors... and above ground, you can build higher than ever before - up to y=319.


Watch the Release Trailer here:

3 months ago
Network-Wide Maintenance - February 2

Maintenance has been scheduled for February 3, 2022 at 12 AM PST. Click here to see the maintenance time in your respective time zone. The network will be unavailable for approximately 48 hours. The website will not be affected.

5 months ago
SMPEarth - New Year, New Us

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2022!


2021 was an important year for SMPEarth. We started out with an unexpected server reset but eventually rebuilt what we had lost and began to advance past where we were before the reset. This year, we're eager to continue expanding. In doing so, we're going to be restructuring the staff team to better fit the current needs of the network.

For reference, here is the previous structure (click to enlarge):


And here's our new structure (click to enlarge):


These changes are being made primarily to streamline our production process to get updates out faster, and to introduce a bit more engagement with the community as a whole. These changes ultimately shouldn't affect the community too much, but it's our job to keep you informed of what we're changing. (Yes, this does mean that I am no longer considered the SUSadmin. I'm sorry.)


You'll see some things moving around in both the MC servers and the Discord servers as we make these changes. Pardon our dust!


We look forward to a great new year with you all. Here's to 2022!

6 months ago
New Resource Pack Selector

Hit has developed a nice new feature - you can now select your preferred resource pack in a GUI!

Use /pack to select your preferred resource pack!

6 months ago
The Festive Update

The Festive Update is here, and along with it comes some holiday cheer!

Chilly the Snowman and his goons have spread the festive spirit across the islands of SMPEarth. Here's what you're in for:

A new island has risen on the hub, which celebrates the numerous holidays during this time of year!


Chilly wasted no time in decorating Casual's spawn. He even brought along some nice snowfall!


Unfortunately, this.. chilly weather has resulted in the Fisherman packing up for the season.


Siege has been graced with the same holiday love, and the same fate lies with the Trawler, as they are no longer able to fish.



But wait, there's more!

  • Yesterday, 1.18 was released - now, 1.18 users can join SMPEarth!
  • A new month of the login rewards has started, meaning new prizes! You may notice a new item... the grappling hook has made its way to the network! You'll only be able to obtain it if you reach day 25!
  • A new holiday SMPEarth logo was created by Upiki! You can check it out at the top of this page!
  • New suffixes and log messages have been released on the store! Click here to check them out!

Happy Holidays!

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