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7 days ago
Updates for Villager Trading Halls

Villager trading halls are a great resource for those looking for hard-to-find books of enchanting. However, the villager AI tends to cause a copious amount of lag, even when they're huddled together in the trading halls with nowhere to go. Unfortunately, Minecraft isn't smart enough to detect this and the villagers keep looking for places to go!

To help with server lag, we've come up with a solution.


When a villager trading hall is created, using emerald ore, emerald blocks, or any color of wool below the villager will now result in the villager's AI being turned off - this helps prevent server lag without affecting how trading works!


If you already have a villager trading hall and need help converting your hall to use these blocks, open a ticket on Discord and we'll help you out.


Thank you for helping to make the network a bit more optimized!

12 days ago
Creative Plots are Here!

Creative Plots are Here!

On both Siege and Casual, creative plots have been added. You can use these to plan out builds, take a break from surviving, or just hang out with friends in a peaceful environment. Use /warp Plots to visit the Plots world, and use /p auto to receive your very own plot! Plus, some special perks for donators:


  • 1 additional plot (2 plots total)
  • Ability to download your plot as a schematic
  • Ability to set the biome of your plot
  • Ability to set the following plot flags:
    • animal-attack, animal-interact, break, farewell, forcefield, greeting, hanging-break, hanging-place, hostile-attack, hostile-interact, misc-interact, no-worldedit, notify-enter, notify-leave, place, player-interact, pve, pvp, tamed-attack, tamed-interact, use, vehicle-break, vehicle-place, vehicle-use


  • All that comes with Gold, plus:
  • 4 additional plots (6 total)
  • Ability to change the time in your plot (time flag)
  • Ability to change the weather in your plot (weather flag)
  • Ability to set the following flags:
    • disable-physics, explosion, fly, instabreak, time, titles, weather


  • All that comes with Titanium, plus:
  • 4 additional plots (10 total)
  • Ability to change the gamemode in your plot (gamemode flag)
  • Ability to set the music in your plot (music flag)
  • Ability to set the following flags:
    • feed, heal, invincible, music, gamemode


We're also looking at expanding our donator perks by allowing access to WorldEdit commands - stay tuned.


We hope you enjoy this update! Let us know if you find any bugs or concerns by sending tickets on Discord or leaving suggestions here.


Happy Holidays!

25 days ago
New Fall Resource Pack by Futureazoo

Hello gamers!


A new server resource pack has been deployed which includes some fall-themed changes. Huge thanks to Futureazoo who has allowed us to integrate their Fall Resource Pack into our server pack. These textures will last until December 1.


Happy holidays!

27 days ago
The Hub Update

As the Halloween season ends (and Mortimer takes his annual leave,) the Hub Update has arrived!

This new hub world will be the new permanent hub for SMPEarth. Thank you to AquaChill, Treeetri, CD_Cyber_Dragon, EmperorTomo, SomSterySam, and IcyPenguin23 for working on this update!

Instead of portals for our servers, we now have NPCs! Simply right click on the NPC that corresponds to the server you want to join. Of course, you're still able to use the server selector in your inventory.



We're introducing a new Login Rewards plugin created by Gamer153! Use /lr or /loginrewards to see the GUI:


  • Suffix Pack 5 has arrived! Click here to view the new suffixes.
  • The Moleman and the Mysterious Traveler have arrived on Siege!

27 days ago
Network-Wide Maintenanace - Nov 1

Maintenance has been scheduled for November 1, 2021 at 12 AM PST. Click here to see the maintenance time in your respective time zone. The network will be unavailable for approximately one hour. The website will not be affected.

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