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24 days ago
Updated Auction House

New AH

The Auction House got an update today! It's available again, with all the items that were on it.

You can sell items with `/ah sell ` and look at the auction house with `/ah`.

Items sold expire after 7 days, after which you can find them in the expired items section, accessible via the clock in the bottom left.

Features that might be added in later updates: Categories, Bidding, Profit summary when joining

2 months ago
The Economy Update

The Economy Update is out on Casual Towny now! This also means that /sell and /worth are back.

Important information:

  • Using /sell gives 10 % less money.
  • You can look at some economy stats with /ecoinfo.
  • Prices update every 5 mins.
  • Items will go back to their original price after some time.
  • Items that can only be bought can't change price.
  • All bugs with the previous economy should be fixed, if you find one and open a ticket you might get an ingame reward.


6 months ago
Daily Login Rewards Update

By popular demand, login reward boosts are now given to you as potions!

Simply drink the potion to get the reward.

However, if you have multiple rewards active at the same time, the rewards won't get multiplied, so you don't get more points/xp/money if you activate them all at the same time!

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